NMCLI Command To Show Available WiFi Networks, Signal Strength on Linux!

How to show WiFi network and it’s strength in the terminal on Ubuntu Linux?

nmcli command in Linux


how Available WiFi Networks in Ubuntu: Is it really possible to view the available WiFi networks using terminal command on the Ubuntu Linux? The answer is Yes. nmcli is a command line utility mainly designed to view all the available WiFi connections on your Ubuntu system. The nmcli command will also display the wireless networks SSID, mode, channel, transfer rate, signal strength, bars and security. Let us get into the article.

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Basic Syntax of nmcli command:

The basic syntax of nmcli command is,

$ nmcli {options}

You can view all the available options using the below command,

$nmcli --help

The output of the above command is,

[email protected]:~$ nmcli --help
Usage: nmcli [OPTIONS] OBJECT { COMMAND | help }

  -a, --ask                                ask for missing parameters
  -c, --colors auto|yes|no                 whether to use colors in output
  -e, --escape yes|no                      escape columns separators in values
  -f, --fields <field,...>|all|common      specify fields to output
  -g, --get-values <field,...>|all|common  shortcut for -m tabular -t -f
  -h, --help                               print this help
  -m, --mode tabular|multiline             output mode
  -o, --overview                           overview mode
  -p, --pretty                             pretty output
  -s, --show-secrets                       allow displaying passwords
  -t, --terse                              terse output
  -v, --version                            show program version
  -w, --wait <seconds>                     set timeout waiting for finishing operations

  g[eneral]       NetworkManager's general status and operations
  n[etworking]    overall networking control
  r[adio]         NetworkManager radio switches
  c[onnection]    NetworkManager's connections
  d[evice]        devices managed by NetworkManager
  a[gent]         NetworkManager secret agent or polkit agent
  m[onitor]       monitor NetworkManager changes

View Available WiFi Connection and its strength command:

You can use the nmcli command to view the available WiFi connection, WiFi signal strength, WiFi security and a Transfer rate of your WiFi connection. Use the below command:

$nmcli dev wifi

The output of the above command is,

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View All WiFi Connection details
View All WiFi Connection details

Kindly refer to the above image, It shows the output of the nmcli dev wifi command. By using the command you can get SSID Name, Mode, CHAN, RATE, Singal Strength (Number), Bars (Signal Strength), Security Type of your WiFi connection.

nmcli General Commands:

By using the nmcli general { status | hostname | permissions | logging } command, you will get to know about your WiFi network manager status and permissions.

  • status – Show overall status of network-manager
  • hostname [<hostname>] – Shows your Hostname (Device) name.
  • permissions – Shows the permissions of a caller has authenticated operations!
  • logging [level] [domains] – Shows the Network manager logging levels and domains.

The sample nmcli general command,

$nmcli general status

And the output of the above command is,

nmcli general commands
nmcli general commands

nmcli Network Controlling Commands:

You can use the nmcli command to control the network and manage it. nmcli networking { [ on | off | connectivity ] } is the basic syntax of nmcli network controlling command. The options available on the nmcli network controlling command is,

  • on – Enabling networking control by Network Manager
  • off – Disabling networking control by Network Manager
  • connectivity – Shows the current network connectivity state.

The example for nmcli network controlling command is,

$nmcli networking connectivity

The output of the above command is,

nmcli Network Controlling command
nmcli Network Controlling command

nmcli Activity Monitor Command:

You can use the nmcli command to observe the Network Manager’s activity. It helps us to monitor the connectivity state and connection profiles of your current WiFi connection.

$nmcli monitor

nmcli Connection Management Commands:

The network manager will store all the available networks under the name “Connections“. Using the nmcli command, you can control the connections that are available on your system. To view the available options in nmcli connection management command is,

$nmcli connection --help

nmcli connection { show | up | down | modify | add | edit | clone | delete | monitor | reload | load | import | export }

  • Show – Show available network connection’s profiles on your device detected by nmcli.
  • Up – Activates a connection
  • Down – Deactivates a connection
  • Modify – Modifies the properties of the connected network profile
  • Add – Creating a new profile with custom properties
  • Edit – Editing an existing connection and its properties
  • Clone – Cloning a connection {Temporary/Permanent}
  • Delete – Deleting a configured connection
  • Monitor – Monitoring the profile connection activity
  • Reload – Reloading all the available connections
  • Load – Loads the connection’s properties from the device or disk
  • Import – Import an external configuration as a NetworkManager connection profile.
  • Export – Export to an external configuration as a NetworkManager connection profile.
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The sample of nmcli connection command is,

$nmcli connection show

The output of the above command is,

nmcli connection commands
nmcli connection commands


That’s it. In this article, we discussed using the nmcli command to view all available WiFi connections and it’s signal strength and many more. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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