Lightshot Ubuntu Linux: How To Install Lightshot App on Linux Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04

Install Lightshot on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04- Quick way!

LightShot Ubuntu


ightshot Ubuntu: Lightshot is one of the most famous Screenshot tool. Lightshot will helps you take screenshot in every location. Lightshot application is the cross-platform application and it is available for Windows, Linux & Mac OS. The Lighshot application is available as a “.exe” package for Windows. There is no software package available for Linux & Mac OS. You can install the Lightshot App in Ubuntu or Mac using WINE Applicaiton. You can install the latest version of Wine 4.0 on Ubuntu here. Follow this article to install the Lightshot application on Ubuntu App.

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Installing LightShot on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04:

Follow the steps below to install Lightshot on Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04:

  • Firstly, you need to install the Wine Application in your PC.
  • Open the Terminal & type the following command in the Terminal.
$sudo apt-get install wine-stable
  • The above command will install the latest & stable version of Wine in your Ubuntu PC
  • Then you need to download the Lightshot.exe package using the following command
  • Once you downloaded the Lightshot.exe using the above command, now you need to install this EXE package using Wine application.
$wine ./setup-lightshot.exe
  • The above command will help you to initiate the installation process of Lightshot Application in Ubuntu PC.
  • The installation popup will appear on your screen and click the OK button to continue.
Installation Process
Installation Process
  • Accept the terms & agreement and click the Next button.
Installation Process
Installation Process
  • In a few seconds, The installation process of Lightshot application will be installed in your PC. Click the Finish button.
Installation process finished
Installation process finished
  • Once you click the Finish button, The Lightshot application will be launched automatically in your Ubuntu PC.
LightShot Application
LightShot Application

Once the application launched, You can take the screenshot by clicking the Lightshot icon in your PC. This is the official method to download & install the Lightshot application in your Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 PC.

Remove Lightshot Application From Ubuntu 18.04 & 19.04 PC:

Everyone may have the doubt that how to remove the Lightshot application. This is completely different from conventional methods of removing apps from Ubuntu. Follow the below steps to remove the Lightshot app which is installed inside the Wine Application.

  • Open All Apps Menu.
  • In the search bar, Type “Lightshot”
  • You will see the Lightshot application and Uninstaller Lightshot Application package.
Uninstaller Lighshot
Uninstaller Lighshot
  • Click the Uninstaller Light to uninstall the Lightshot Application from your Ubuntu PC.

That’s it, this is the only & easy way to Uninstall the Lightshot application from your Ubuntu PC.

Features of Lightshot:

  • Instant Screenshot can be take
  • Save the Screenshot in “PNG or JPG” format
  • You can select the area to take a screenshot
  • You can add text with customizing colors while taking Screenshot
  • You can add square, rectangle & arrow shapes while taking Lighshot
  • You can upload the screenshot to their server & share to your friends.
  • Many more! Install & try the Lighshot Screenshot Application.


That’s it. This article explains the easiest way to install the LightShot Application on your Ubuntu 18.04 PC. Lighshot application is a cross-platform application and it is available for Windows, Mac & Linux OS.  If you have any queries and then comment us below.


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